Ace IT Tips – Passwords

Ace IT Tips – Passwords

Remembering passwords can be a chore, so with that in mind here are some tips on creating easy to remember passwords for your general everyday IT.

  • Don’t make a password too random, try to use something you will remember.
  • Use a mix of uppercase lowercase, numbers and symbols.
  • Base it on something you know but not easily guessed.


So if for example you like sausages, Harry Kane and U2 you can create a password of Walls!Harry!U2

Or maybe you like horses, Bake Off and your parents live in Abergavenny which could give you a password of foalHollywood01873?

Even an unlikely liking of Forest, County and football could give you #Rams#1966#Reds

 Just try to keep it upbeat and memorable, especially if it’s a password you need to type in every day.

The National Cyber Security Centre has a good write up here if you wan to learn more about passwords:

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Glen Palmer-Barnes | Technical Director