Ace IT Tips -#SysAdminDay

Ace IT Tips -#SysAdminDay

For many the workings of IT and how things magically happen are are mystery.  But just what is a “SysAdmin” and how can they help you?

System Admins are the IT people who keep your systems running, hopefully who are so good at what they do you hardly notice them.  Just like the engineers at Severn Trent and the National Grid we keep your business systems ticking over allowing you to go about your day.  

Everyday Ace IT silently checks many things for our clients such as backups, security patches, hardware and software alerts.  All to keep the business systems running that allow you to be more productive.

Often the only time you will speak to a System Admin is when you log a support call.  To help you here are five tips on how to speed up your experience.

  • For non-urgent problems a quick email to our support email address will be the quickest way to get all the information over to us.
  • New user requests are always best via email, if nothing else it avoids the misspelling of names. 
  • If you have a recurring problem it’s always best if you can demonstrate it to us.
  • Only say it’s urgent when it really is! 
  • Get to know your IT team. Whilst we can’t take all the stress out of your working day, we do try to remove the stress from using your company IT systems. 

Finally a big thank you to all the IT experts that keep Ace IT, our clients and suppliers ticking over behind the scenes.  We may not see you but we can’t do this without you!

Ace IT Tips is a regular feature to help demystify IT, explaining the jargon and help to keep you connected.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for further topics then please get in touch. 

Glen Palmer-Barnes | Technical Director