Ace IT Tips – Phishing

Ace IT Tips – Phishing

Cyber criminals are constantly trying to catch people out by sending fraudulent emails.  These might be to trick you into handing over logon information via a website or maybe trick you into transferring them money via a fake invoice. Often these emails will look convincing, they will appear to come from someone you know and may even appear as a reply to an email you sent.

A layered security approach will limit the amount of spoofed or phishing emails you receive.  However some will still get through.  It’s important that you know what to look out for, so here are our top five tips to avoid being tricked by phishing emails.

  • Check the sender’s email address; for example an email from “Ken.Barlow –” is probably not from Ken Barlow of Weatherfield.
  • If you receive an unexpected password reset email.  Don’t click on the link, instead independently visit the website in question 
  • If you receive an invoice containing bank details that you have not used before, call the sender to confirm.  Make sure to use a telephone number you trust, don’t assume anything in the email is true.
  • If you receive an email from senior management asking for an urgent payment to a new bank account call them up to confirm.
  • If a link in an email asks you to log on to a cloud service such as Office365, DropBox or Google check via telephone with the sender that this is expected.
Ace IT Solutions can help in several ways to both reduce the number of phishing emails you receive and counter against some of the damage that clicking on a suspect email can do.  We also can provide online security awareness training to give you in depth knowledge of what to look out for.
As ever if you ever get an email you are unsure about call up the sender or send it over to your IT Team.


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Glen Palmer-Barnes | Technical Director