Ace IT Tips – Microsoft Teams

Ace IT Tips – Microsoft Teams

The pandemic has seen a huge rise in the use of video calls on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  We use Teams to keep in touch with our colleagues, share files, ideas and video chat.  We also use it to collaborate with our clients in much the same way. 

Teams has been evolving quickly over the last 6 months so you might have missed out on some of the latest updates for video calling.

  • You can now see 9 people on a video call instead of just six.
  • A new raise your hand button, to help mute those who are not speaking and let others know you have something to say.
  • A meeting whiteboard to allow everyone to brainstorm and draw together
If you need help setting up Teams or using some of the new features then we are here to help.

Ace IT Tips is a regular feature to help demystify IT, explaining the jargon and help to keep you connected.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for further topics then please get in touch. 

Glen Palmer-Barnes | Technical Director