Ace IT Tips – What’s the UK’s biggest business threat?

Ace IT Tips – What’s the UK’s biggest business threat?

The biggest threat to your business systems is completely invisible and can seriously impact on your ability to function in seconds.  Cyber-crime is currently the biggest crime in the UK with over 5,500,000 cyber-crimes committed last year alone.

These attacks are directed at all businesses and once they have managed to compromise a system they can wreak havoc in several ways. Your reputation can be damaged if your email is compromised, you could have days of downtime if your systems are encrypted, or your business secrets could be held to ransom.

You can protect yourself by using a blended approach. Firstly it requires an appropriate level of security software set to protect you, but not impair you, secondly staff require cyber security awareness training so they know how to protect themselves.

We can’t guarantee you won’t ever suffer a breach but by knowing what to look out for and with the right technology we can help even up the odds.

Ace IT Solutions can help with all your cyber security needs and make things easy for you.

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Glen Palmer-Barnes | Technical Director