Cyber Security Posters

It’s vital that everyone in your workplace knows how to protect themselves from online threats.

Just as you would challenge a stranger walking into your office, it’s important that people know how to check that emails and websites are genuine.

Ace IT believe that a blended solution for IT security works best.  By implementing strong solutions to prevent fake emails, block viruses, apply updates and backup vital data we can mitigate against most online attacks.  However this always needs to sit along regular staff training on what to look out for, what tricks might be used and how to respond to suspect requests.  Get in touch to hear about our latest security and user training products.

Feel free to download the information posters below and use them within your organisation.  It’s far better to be aware than leaving things to chance!

Pack 1 - Information security and data protection posters

Creative designs to help your security awareness messaging stand out.

Pack 2: - General cyber security awareness posters

Collection of key end-user security tips for reducing human error.

Pack 3: - General cyber security awareness posters

Clean designs that showcase the importance of not making life easy for criminals.