Systems to keep your and business IT agile

More than ever we have a need to work away from the office, sometimes at very short notice.  Whilst some organisations were already working flexibly for others the rapid change has been hard to keep on top of. A modern flexible workforce requires IT systems that are available from anywhere, at any time and on any device. With cloud enabled services you can access the same systems in the same way wherever you happen to be

The important thing is to make sure the systems are usable and secure.  



This flexibility can be achieved through a number of changes:

File Shares – Almost all companies have vast folders of shared files. We can help move these to the cloud or grant access to your onsite server across the internet.

Legacy systems – You may have invested heavily in onsite servers and software which runs your business. We can help grant secure access to these services for you remote workers.

Email – If you are still using an onsite email system we can move this to Office365 to gain the latest benefits of Exchange, including a 50GB mailbox*

Complete migration – We can even migrate all of your servers to Microsoft Azure, effectively moving your servers from your office to the cloud. 

Simplicity is key! – We don’t want accessing your IT systems remotely to be holding you back or troublesome for people to use.


With mobile employees working away from the office it’s important that your business data is safe and secure.

Laptop can be easily lost or stolen so it’s important to protect them. Storing data files in the cloud means the chance of losing years of important work is reduced. For those not ready to move their files to the cloud automated backup is available to protect those important files. Should you loose your laptop encrypting the hard-drive will ensure that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Almost all cloud services have a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) feature. Similar to online banking this protects your systems by requesting further information such as a code sent to your mobile before you can logon.

Working with traditional systems

Not all software and services can be easily and quickly moved from onsite servers to the cloud. We also appreciate that you may still want to keep the main software that your factory, practice or offices use onsite. In these situations we can use technologies such as “Remote Desktop” and/or Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) to allow your remote workforce to connect back into your office securely.


Dedicated Account Manager

Our account managers are qualified IT professionals and have been working in the industry for over 10 years.