Virus Protection and Malware

Ace has partnered with webroot as our preferred supplier of Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solutions.

We have seen many products over the years and Webroot is by far the quickest and easiest to use.

Managed from a central portal the IT team is automatically alerted to any suspect activity and can investigate accordingly.

A second product, DNS Protection, is available to reduced the risk of accessing malicious or undesired websites.

Endpoint Protection Technology

Webroot Endpoint Protection combines innovative file pattern and predictive behaviour recognition with the power of cloud computing to stop threats and prevent zero-day attacks more effectively than conventional Anti-Virus

  • Multi-Vector Protection.
  • Deep Learning Intelligence.
  • Fast Deployment and Scans.

DNS Protection

Webroot DNS Protection checks the reputaion of any internet sites that you visit.  By stopping access to malicious and undesired websites you can improve your network security and help protect your data and workforce. 
  • Simple per device or network pricing.
  • Choose from over 80 website categories to block.
  • Get detailed reports on demand.