Moves, Cabling and Wifi

The first two weeks of December have been very busy with Ace IT helping four of our clients move into new offices.  Moving office is never easy, and with IT connectivity vital for any business it can be a stressful time.  But with proper planning we can help your move go smoothly.

Over the course of a weekend we assisted in moving a client with around 40 staff members to new offices. A month before the move we replaced the old analogue phone system with a modern IP based system giving them the flexibility to easily move when the time came.  In the days before the move we installed extra network cabling in the new offices along with a new Wi-Fi network.  On the Friday evening we moved the servers, phone system, internet routers and switches to the new site and had this all running by 8PM.  On the Saturday we worked with our client to reconnect all the desktop PC’s, printers and phone handsets so that everything was operational for Monday morning.   

Moving office can be a stressful time. Let Ace IT get your systems moved, connected and tested ready for the next working day.

Glen Palmer-Barnes | Technical Director

With expansion in mind another one of our clients has taken ownership of a neighbouring office on their business park.  We installed new Wi-Fi and switches in the new building and working with their 3rd party data provider connected the two buildings via a new fibre-optic link.  They can now seamlessly move from office to office, with their devices and phones working exactly the same wherever they connect in.

Once again over a weekend we helped a 50 employee client move to new offices.  The server, firewall and switches were moved and configured on the Friday evening with the telephone handsets, computers and printers being connected on the Saturday.  As their new offices were much larger they also purchased additional Wi-Fi access points to give them both a secure internal network and a guest network for visitors.   

Our final move of the fortnight was helping one of our smaller clients move from their old serviced office to a new purpose built home office. Once BT had been to install the new broadband connection we visited site and connected everything up to make sure they could get on line and access their Networked Attached Storage unit and printer.    

Each move involved us working with numerous third parties, attending planning meetings and getting physically involved on the day of the move.  Wherever moving to new premises or just wanting to make better use of the building your already have, Ace IT can help with all your networking, Wi-fi and internet connectivity requirements.