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Just as you would secure your home, your car or your office, it's vital that you protect your IT systems. With almost all businesses make use of email, internet banking, shared files and teams meetings it’s imperative that you protect your reputation, operations and bank balance!

  • 1. What are the risks to my business?

    Just one email could disrupt your business for weeks, could ruin your reputation or force you to close down.  You could permanently lose access to all your files, you could send out thousands of malicious messages to your trusted contacts or even become part of a bot-net!

  • 2. Does it really happen to small businesses?

    Yes!  Opportunist criminals do not care about how big your turnover is, if they can hold your data to ransom or intercept invoicing emails they will. Given that many people multi-task in smaller business a hacker can typically gain access to more systems than they could in a large corporate.

  • 3. How do I protect my inbox?

    The most common method of attack is via email.  This can be by sending suspect attachments or by pretending to be someone you trust.  Companies that install an email filter stop the vast majority of these emails from ever reaching their inbox.

  • 4. How do I protect my data?

    You need to stop your data from being held hostage by cyber-criminals, they can.  Ensuring that your machines have the latest security patches, up to date security software and block suspect web traffic.  Having a regular backup of your data is also essential.

  • 5. What can my staff do to protect my business?

    Almost everyone with a computer at work will be receiving emails and accessing web services.  It's important that people are regularly trained in what to look out for. Your IT Security is only as strong as your least aware employee. Everyone needs to enable Multi-Factor-Authentication on their accounts as well!

  • 6. It all sounds so complex!

    Ace IT will take care of setting up all the services, we work in the background keeping eveything running, responding to the alerts and updates and the day to day niggles. We look after the IT Security, you can run your business.  We even keep a regular eye on your backups, so even if the worst happens we can still restore your important data.

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