Criminals are trying to steal money from your organisation. Are you doing everything you can to protect your business and clients?

Email based fraud is becoming increasingly common.  Find out how it happens and what you can do to prevent your business losing tens of thousands of pounds.

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Why we give this e-book away free

We want to share our knowledge with as many local businesses as possible on how they can keep themselves secure.  By giving away this expert advice we help you understand one of the current problems all business face.  

If you need further advice or consultancy please get in touch.  If you just want to read the book that’s absolutely fine with us as well.

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The Author

Glen Palmer-Barnes is the Technical Director here at Ace IT.  He has been helping people with their Business IT for almost 25 years and has an unrivaled breadth of knowledge.

Glen has seen IT threats evolve from the early days of floppy disk virus to the complex email attacks of today.

If you need help with understanding what this all means for your business, he’s the man to call!